Monday, 13 June 2016

Three by three maths

This is my magic square I did it with a bit of help.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My maths

This is how we explained our maths about mermaids. The eyes are the little blocks, the arms are the little sticks and the ice block sticks are the tails.
My group was Nathan, Luke and Charlie K.

My Art class trial

After school yesterday I went to have an art class trial. I had to wait a long time. We got started by dipping the sponge into the jar but not to much, then we cover the paper in water. After that we got the watercolour blue(every time we had to dip it in water). We coloured the paper with blue then a fraction of it red for the ground. Then got yellow and black for the leaves on the ground. Lastly that we painted the trees with leaves. Once we did it we had to leave it there after that we went home. I hope it turns out well I thought.