Monday, 11 April 2016

Daniels epic adventures at camp


Challenge One

  • We listened to the rules
  • Then we went down our first rapid.
  • We got to slide down the slide rock
  • We went down carnage corner 
  • We jumped of the jump rock
  • How I felt before the challenge - Impatient, there were a lot of safety rules to listen to-even though they were boring we had to listen to them.
  • Who helped me? - all of my team and the guide because I wouldn't of got the raft moving without help.
    Did I succeed? - Yes, my team got to the end first because we put our backs into it.   
    Why did I succeed? - we worked together as a team mostly paddling and getting people on board.
    What did I learn? - how to work together with people better than usual, like paddling in a team! 
  •  Challenge Two
  • Pioneering was about:
  • Well tieing knots
  • But we also learned different knots like:
  • Reef knot
  • Clove hitch
  • And tripod
  • We also built a bridge

How I felt before the challenge- unsure about what we're going to do!all there was-was some wood and string.

Who helped me? - my team again and Bones.I needed a lot of help on the clove-hitch.And we helped each other build the bridge.

Did I succeed? - Yes, My group and Mrs TeWhaiti didn't not fall in the creek.

Why did I succeed? - we did because we used the power of teamwork and we took turns.
What did I learn?   - how to tie knots,because I used to only know how to do knots when I was clumsy.
Challenge Three
  • The activities were:(that I remember)
  • Jumping over the pits
  • Going over the two ponds
  • The water slide
  • Getting over the wall
  • The tiny canyon
  • And the electric netting.

How I felt before the challenge - nervous,at first it looked difficult and strange because before the mud run I looked at it.

Who helped me? My team because an activity that mostly required teamwork because you probably couldn’t do it by yourself.
Did I succeed? We got to the end, it took a long time but we got there.We got there about second to last but and-at least we got there.
What did I learn?   How to climb over a spider web and to not give up.I also learned give it a go.

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