Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Our video

This is the video I did with Nathan who was the director, Xiarn the photo director and Angus who was a actor.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Hillary Clinton and her Clown fish.
Once upon a time in 2020 Hillary Clinton had a pet clownfish named Nemo. They were best friends she thought being President is amazing. She said to Nemo nothing can go wrong being the president of the United states of America. Then she remembered its Church today! When she got to Church everybody looked at her strangely. She looked in the mirror… Her hair was so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nemo then told her the Pope was coming! Everybody was warning her. There was no solution until Nemo told her that he was a hairdresser. The other problem was he didn’t have a shop and the gear. Since she was the president of the USA she was very rich, rich enough to get him a hair dressing shop so she got him one quickly.

Monday 12 September

Monday, 5 September 2016

The Final

The final
Even though I knew I had to do it.
I was super nervous.
The start was 2 minutes away.
The boat was drifting in front of the start line.
Suddenly someone said

My heart was beating so much,
I thought it was coming out of my body.
After a while my hands were trembling.
I thought just think about the race I thought.

Legs stinging, arms burning.
Keep going, keep going.
Almost there.

There it was flags to the right.
People to the left.
The finish line,
I had won it was all done.

GB Pair at Henley 2004.JPG

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Our maths record

Today Nathan, Luke and I did our maths cube in 10 seconds.
Here it is. We do it together everyday.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Three by three maths

This is my magic square I did it with a bit of help.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My maths

This is how we explained our maths about mermaids. The eyes are the little blocks, the arms are the little sticks and the ice block sticks are the tails.
My group was Nathan, Luke and Charlie K.

My Art class trial

After school yesterday I went to have an art class trial. I had to wait a long time. We got started by dipping the sponge into the jar but not to much, then we cover the paper in water. After that we got the watercolour blue(every time we had to dip it in water). We coloured the paper with blue then a fraction of it red for the ground. Then got yellow and black for the leaves on the ground. Lastly that we painted the trees with leaves. Once we did it we had to leave it there after that we went home. I hope it turns out well I thought.

Monday, 11 April 2016

my weemee

My morning camp moment in time

My morning Camp moment in time

I see the fog slowly drifting through the small gap in the tent.
I hear the first whispers of the people around me.
I smell the fresh grass outside.
I wonder when we will be allowed to go outside to play.
I feel the soft nudge of the other people in the tent.
I taste the dry morning air.

I see the first people quietly getting out of their tents.
I hear the yawning of the others.
I smell the disgusting smell of the tent.
I wonder what the day will be like.
I feel the soft breeze hovering over me.
I taste last night's dinner.

Then finally I stood up and got out and enjoyed the day.

Daniels epic adventures at camp


Challenge One

  • We listened to the rules
  • Then we went down our first rapid.
  • We got to slide down the slide rock
  • We went down carnage corner 
  • We jumped of the jump rock
  • How I felt before the challenge - Impatient, there were a lot of safety rules to listen to-even though they were boring we had to listen to them.
  • Who helped me? - all of my team and the guide because I wouldn't of got the raft moving without help.
    Did I succeed? - Yes, my team got to the end first because we put our backs into it.   
    Why did I succeed? - we worked together as a team mostly paddling and getting people on board.
    What did I learn? - how to work together with people better than usual, like paddling in a team! 
  •  Challenge Two
  • Pioneering was about:
  • Well tieing knots
  • But we also learned different knots like:
  • Reef knot
  • Clove hitch
  • And tripod
  • We also built a bridge

How I felt before the challenge- unsure about what we're going to do!all there was-was some wood and string.

Who helped me? - my team again and Bones.I needed a lot of help on the clove-hitch.And we helped each other build the bridge.

Did I succeed? - Yes, My group and Mrs TeWhaiti didn't not fall in the creek.

Why did I succeed? - we did because we used the power of teamwork and we took turns.
What did I learn?   - how to tie knots,because I used to only know how to do knots when I was clumsy.
Challenge Three
  • The activities were:(that I remember)
  • Jumping over the pits
  • Going over the two ponds
  • The water slide
  • Getting over the wall
  • The tiny canyon
  • And the electric netting.

How I felt before the challenge - nervous,at first it looked difficult and strange because before the mud run I looked at it.

Who helped me? My team because an activity that mostly required teamwork because you probably couldn’t do it by yourself.
Did I succeed? We got to the end, it took a long time but we got there.We got there about second to last but and-at least we got there.
What did I learn?   How to climb over a spider web and to not give up.I also learned give it a go.

My mihi

My mihi

Tena koutou katoa

ko Daniel Barnes ahau

No Tamaki makaurau ahau

ko Wikitoria te maunga

ko Waitemata te moana

ko Hnps te kura

ko Awataha te Marae

ko whitu wha whitu te waka

ko Thai te iwi

ko Padkunthod te hapu

ko Bhumipol te rangatira

No reira

kei te mihi

tena koutou tena koutou tena toutou katou.